There’s no need to feel nervous before your first spinning class. Read these tips on what to expect and don’t let those nerves or insecurities stop you from getting on the bike. You’ll love it!

It’s going to be a little intimidating

Yep. I had to say it. There’s just no way of getting around it. Anything you do (not just spinning) for the first time will be a little intimidating. But make sure you get to class a few minutes early, so you can choose a bike in a spot in the class you’ll be comfortable with. I start in the back row, then made my way up the sides until I was happy to sit in any position in class. Even the front row, right in front of the instructor! You’ll also need time to set up your spinning bike properly so you don’t hurt or strain yourself.

It’s going to be a little uncomfy

If it’s your very first time, there will be some saddle bum afterwards. But don’t be discouraged! It’s inevitable. And it doesn’t only happen to newbies 😉 Just stick with it, you (and your bits) will become more comfortable with the saddle. You could also invest in a pair of padded cycling tights, which add more cushion. 

It’s going to be sweaty

Really sweaty. As your <spinning instructor> takes you through the ride, your heart rate will spike, you’ll start getting super hot and of course, you’ll start sweating. I usually have 2 towels in to a spinning class – one to hang over the handle bars so I don’t drip all over the bike (it’s just good manners being conscientious for the next person who needs to use the bike) and one to wipe myself down with during the ride. Also bring along a filled water bottle so you can rehydrate throughout the class. Also, try wearing sweat-wicking clothes.

It’s going to be tough

Don’t get too wrapped up in the spinning instructor’s high energy. Yes, they’re great motivators, but you also still need to breath. Don’t forget to breath! Don’t push yourself too far, and don’t compare your performance to anyone else’s in the class. The only person you’re competing with is who you were yesterday. Stick to an intensity level and resistance you’re comfortable with. Also, when we overexert ourselves, we tend to tense up. So keep checking that you’re not death gripping the handlebars.

It’s going to be a little confusing

As with any sport, there’s bound to be jargon or terminology that’s unique to the activity. But if you’ve got a good spinning instructor, they’ll know you’re a newbie and will make sure to explain the spinning positions they’ll cue you to shift into. Before the class begins, you can also introduce yourself to the instructor, so they know you might need some extra guidance.

It’s going to be loud

A spinning instructor’s playlist is crucial to a good ride. It’s all part of the motivation. It’s going to get loud. And you’ll love it.

So, you see, there’s nothing to be anxious about. Your first spinning class is going to be many things, but most importantly… it’s going to be fun!

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