So missed my regular Thursday morning spinning session because my body needed a break. You know, life happens. But I’m making up for it over the weekend. It’s a long weekend in South Africa because Sunday is national Women’s Day, which means that Monday is a public (bank) holiday!

This weekend’s spinning playlist comes from what is said to have already been used in an indoor cycling class. So let’s feel the sizzle!

1. Shots – warm up
2. Lucifer – seated climb (click the resistance up to 5; halfway click it up to 6)
3. Somewhere to Run – standing climb (click the resistance up to 7 and get up out of the saddle; after 1 minute, click the resistance up to 8; after another minute click the resistance up to 9)
4. Plush – seated climb (we’re still climbing! Click the resistance down to 5 and have a seat; halfway move from seated into arrow position, it should make this long track easier)
5. Collide – seated
6. Show Me What You’re Made Of – race (we’re heading downhill; take off all the resistance and match the double time BPM)
7. P.I.M.P – skip
8. Roll the Bass – jumps (click the resistance up to 5 so that you’ve got enough tension on the wheel to not bounce around on the bike; use counts of 8 for the jump transitions; halfway, click the resistance up to 6 and continue with the jumps)
9. We Come Running – skip
10. The Griswolds Live This Nightmare – seated climb/standing climb (click the resistance down; halfway click the resistance up to a 7 and get up out the seat)
11. Firestorm – interval sprints (20” sprints alternated with 20” active recovery; we’re heading downhill again and nearing the finish line so sprint to the end)
12. Gold – cool down

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