Looking for the best YouTube yogis? Keep reading for my list of YouTube yoga stars.

Someone asked me the other day, what kind of yoga I do. And while I know she meant hatha or bikram or yin etc, the only thing that came to mind at the time was “I do YouTube yoga.”

I giggled a little to myself as I saw the confusion on her face, and then explained that I prefer to do yoga at home, by myself, while following along to instructional videos on YouTube.

YouTube is pretty much my asana yoga practice. I tried going to a couple of new studios once a month, but I haven’t found the same level of comfort as at home. Whenever I’m in a studio, my brain simply can’t turn off the comparison dial. I often get distracted and then totally lose my concentration and groove. I know I might be missing out on the community and all that, but I just can’t bring myself to do it. It’s a confidence issue, I know, so until I work out my own personal issues with practicing yoga with others, I’ll stick to my YouTube practice.

For those who feel like me, or if you’re looking to fill in your practice with video instructions when you can’t make it to your regular studio classes, here is a list…

My favourite YouTube yogis

Yoga With Adriene

My absolute favourite YouTube yogi is Adriene Mishler. I’ve sung her praises so many times before in previous posts that I think I may have a girl crush on her. Or at the least there’s a bit of FanBoying going on. But what I love about YWA is its inclusivity. Yogis of all levels, experience, shapes, sizes, backgrounds, whatever are always made to feel so welcome. Adriene is a big proponent of practicing self love, and coming to your mat wherever you are (in your life, in your head and in your heart). Her videos are super easy to follow along to and she allows enough time for you to do your thang comfortably and confidently.

The Journey Junkie

It took me a while to become comfortable with Allie van Fossen because I had perceived her as the typical blonde, lithe yogi from tanned beaches of a United States coast. True, she’s from Florida, but she’s so much more than the Insta-Famous yogis who often push themselves too far, just for that shot. What really endeared me to Allie was the way she shared (and continues to share) vulnerably about where she is in her yoga practice. She freely admits when she’s pushed her body to far and shares her recovery practices with her community. Currently living on a sailboat with her husband, best friend and best friend’s husband, I’ve come to identify a lot with Allie. I’m following her blog and the podcast she hosts with her best friend Carly. These ladies are more than they seem, and I’m grateful I gave Allie’s videos another chance so they could really resonate with where I am in my practice.

Brett Larkin Yoga

If you’re looking for a teacher that incorporates more of her spiritual life and the other limbs of yoga into the asana practice, then give Brett Larkin a try. A new mom, Brett is always full of spiritual advice and guidance, incorporating many different styles of the asana practice. Brett usually stretches my practice when it comes to understanding the other styles like kundalini and chakra yoga. And her challenges are full of interesting teachings and learnings.

Yoga By Candace

I dip in and out of Candace’s quick yoga practices when I need a shakeup to my daily practice. Don’t get me wrong, I love the 3 other YouTube yogis I just mentioned, but I tend to get bored and need new styles to look forward to. That’s when I hop onto Candace’s YouTube channel. Yoga with Candace doesn’t only offer yoga videos though. She also posts HIIT and lifestyle videos. So, she’s more of a vlogger in the traditional sense.

There are sooo many more YouTube yogis out there. Soon, I’m hoping to become one of them, but that’s a blog post for a different day. But I do encourage you to continue your search on YouTube and find someone you like.

In the meantime, let me know what you think of my favourite YouTube yogis? I know it takes a while to find a teacher you’re comfortable with and you can trust. And I hope my favourite YouTube yogis can help you too.

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