These are the best foods you should eat before a spinning class.

I don’t need to explain how dangerous going into starvation mode is for your body while you’re keeping active and following a regular workout routine. Your body will start to crave sugars and carbohydrates and if you’re not careful you’ll soon be shoving all the wrong foods into your mouth.

You need to give your body the right fuel before you start a spinning class/session so your body uses the right low calorie foods that will keep you feeling fuller for longer. You also don’t want to have a full meal that will make you feel heavy – you want to feel energized, not nauseated! Here’s a list of foods you can snack on before your next spin. Remember, just one small serving at least 60 minutes before your workout…

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Dried fruits

The simple carbohydrates in this light snack will give you the energy to keep going for longer. Your body will quickly convert the carbs into the energy it needs for those 45 minutes.

Egg whites

Protein is the building blocks for lean muscle, and egg whites are a rich source of protein and a very efficient source of fuel.


If you’re looking for a snack that’s rich in potassium, then try a couple of bananas. They’ll help your muscles maintain the quick firing necessary during sprints but also provide enough carbs with the right nutrition for your body. You’ll be topping up on some of the potassium you’re about to lose through your sweat.

Raw almonds

Packed with both protein and carbs, these nuts are a great combo to sustain you through a challenging class.

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  1. Hi, thanks for the info! I like peanut butter and banana on a multigrain rice cake, that seems to sustain me 🙂

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