These are the best foods you should eat after a spinning class.

In the previous post, I spoke about the best foods to eat before a spinning class. So of course, I would follow up with post-spinning food info, because we all gotta eat, right?

Here is my list of the foods I like to chow down on when I come off the spinning bike. Ideally, you should eat something within 1 hour of your workout.


Your body burns through a ton of energy and you sweat a lot while spinning, so it’s important to replenish it with fluids. Although you’re technically not eating, drink lots of water!


Your body needs protein to speed up the recovery and repair of the muscles used during your spinning session. The salts in tuna also provide the necessary electrolytes to keep your body in balance. Other great sources are protein are chicken breasts, apples with peanut butter, almonds and eggs.


To prevent cramping up, the potassium in tomatoes are vital. Foods that are easily digestable are best, and tomatoes also provide vitamin C to keep your immune system running effectively. 


Craving something sweet to snack on? Grapes provide a natural sweetness that won’t wreak your diet. They also provided the added benefit of simple carbs that aid in the repairing of muscle and are a great energy boost. A glass of chocolate milk also helps.

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