Think you’re ready to become a spinning instructor? Here’s what you need to do…

You’ve spent enough hours on a spinning bike and have decided you’d like to be the one in front of the class dishing out the orders. You’re in the best shape of your life and you’ve got spunk. Ok, maybe you’re not in the best shape of your life, but you’ve definitely got the leadership qualities to steer your fellow spinners on an intense spinning session.

And yes, it all starts with a course.

There are various spinning instructor certification courses depending on the country you live in and want to instruct in. The Soul Cycle certification is very different from the Spinning certification, and there is no one way to becoming a spinning instructor. If you have a specific gym in mind that you’d like to work at, speak to your favourite instructor there or chat to the gym manager to find out what course they prefer their spinning instructors to complete. You can also start with a simple Google search for credible courses on offer in your city.

Here are a few things you need to know about becoming a spinning instructor…

  1. It’s all about the music. The success of your class depends on the strength of your playlist. If it doesn’t motivate your class to reach those peaks and keep those pedals turning over, you’re going to start noticing more and more empty seats.
  2. Prepping takes longer than the actual class. Playlists and sequences don’t just throw themselves together. It takes time finding the right songs and then matching them with the correct ride guides and sequencing so the session is challenging for those on their bikes in front of you.
  3. But allow for spontaneity too. You might have the most badass spinning session planned, but if you notice your class is having too difficult a time climbing all those hills or you’ve got more beginners than you anticipated, you may have to change things up on the fly. Make sure you’re able to adapt your class to those in it.
  4. It’s about the bike, the body AND the minds. Mechanics and anatomy go hand-in-hand during a spinning class. Spinning instructors need to know the technical stuff behind the mechanics of their bikes and the human body, but they also need to be able to motivate. People want to be inspired to push through that wall, and fired up to give 110% when they’re halfway through that killer hill. You have to have the kind of personality it takes to motivate.
  5. Take other spinning classes yourself. The best way to learn about spinning instruction is to be in an actual class with lots of different instructors. We’re all unique snowflakes so each instructor will have his or her unique method of instruction. It’s always a good idea to see how others are doing it.

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