This month I’m grabbing inspiration from our dear friends at SoulCycle. We’re looking back on the month that was with their Back-to-SOUL spinning playlist.

In celebration of the American schools opening for their academic year, SoulCycle created a playlist of their favourite jams. Again, I’m only pulling a few of their favourite tracks to compile this spinning playlist with, but if you want to listen to the full tracklist on Spotify, you can find it here.

I had fun creating this playlist, like I usually do, but it feels like forever since I’ve worked on a new Spin Mix. Maybe I’ll cook something up for you guys in November… In the meantime, here’s the Back-to-SOUL spinning playlist.

1. Pony – warm up
2. What Lover’s Do – quick spin matching the BPM, resistance at a 4
3. Friends – fold in arrow position, with enough resistance to keep the wheels turning
4. Look What You Made Me Do – standing climb
5. Mi Gente – free spin, recovery ride
6. Meant To Be – standing climb
7. Would You Ever – race
8. Feel It Still – fold in arrow position, with enough resistance to keep the wheels turning to match the BPM
9. Lonely Together – flat road for first “60, then jumps for “60, finishing off with flat road
10. Text Ur Number – cool down and stretch

If the words above are Greek, check out my post on what these terms mean.

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