Surprise! A midweek spinning mix!! With the religious holidays and days off this week I really wanted to get in 3 spinning sessions, so here’s your midweek playlist.

This spin mix is a pretty random one, which is necessarily specific to spinning but is instead a general workout playlist. It starts off pretty slowly but luckily picks up from track 5.

1. DD – warm up
2. LHF – easy spin matching the BPM, resistance at 4 or 5
3. N – skip
4. DILAD – skip
5. IWYTWM – skip
6. FNT – more of the same, but if you can turn up the resistance one click and fold into Arrow position
7. S – standing climb
8. LMDG – race
9. SYITFA – climb, it’s the last one for the morning so make it count
10. SA – weighted spin; if the pace is too fast, try Arrow position
11. F – cool down

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