I’m a fitness blogger focusing mainly on yoga and spinning.

I’ve always been a bit shy of the gym, so my journey started in my spare bedroom, on my yoga mat and store-bought spinning bike. I was amazed at the amount of yoga content online but also by the lack of spinning playlists. This blog is my attempt to give everyone free spinning playlists and my unique yoga flows, as well as more info on spinning and yoga in general.

To get you started, try my 5 favourite spinning playlists – the most popular Spin Mixes. All you need to do is complete the form below and you’ll be emailed instructions on how to download these playlists.

The most popular spinning playlists!

DISCLAIMER: Don’t be stupid. We all know our limits, there’s no need to recklessly test yours. So check with your doctor before beginning any fitness programme to avoid/reduce the risk of injury.I am not a yoga or spinning instructor. I have no sport science qualifications. I will not be held liable for any injury sustained as a result of you enjoying this blog.

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