This morning this another one of the 50-50 playlists. Just as I was about to skip to another, Lady Gaga and R Kelly gave me the BPM to stay.

1.Warm up. Check in with your body – shoulders down, small bend in the elbows, back straight, chest up so you can get air into your lungs. And don’t death-grip the handlebars. If you can’t keep up with the BPM just spin it out, it’s your warm up.

2.Get up out of the saddle for a standing warm up. Make sure you’ve got enough tension on your trainer to prevent yourself from hopping all over the place. Keep your upper body as still as possible.


Two-thirds of the way through, sit down, take the tension down by a few clicks and keep up with the BPM. It might be too fast for some.

3. I skipped track 3 as I wasn’t feeling the EDM.

4. Click the resistance up to about a 4, you should feel the bike actively working against you. Stay seated.

5. Get ready for an uphill chase! Give yourself enough tension to keep up with the beat and get up out the saddle.


Near the end of the song take the tension down, get some water and wipe off the sweat that should be there by now. If you’re not panting, you’re taking it too easy.

6. Stay out of the saddle, but crank it up and hit that beat!

7. Sit down, take the tension down to about a 2 or 3. It’s time to check in with your body again. We all tend to tense up during sprints and uphill chases, so make sure your posture is correct (shoulders down, chest open, back straight).

8. Stay seated, crank up the resistance. You’ve got to feel this one, it’s a sloooow burn. 6 or 7 should do it, but don’t turn it up too high because you need to maintain that pace and intensity throughout the entire track.


Half way through, get up.


9. Cool down.


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