12 March 2015 MeGS

Today was not a good day. For some reason I just couldn’t focus or concentrate on the yoga practice. There were too many voices in my head and I totally missed where Adriene was guiding the yoga session. I had connectivity issues earlier, which I needed to resolve. So I…

10 March 2015 MeGS

If you had a rough start to the week, you can spend some time with your breath in today’s gentle yoga practice. Adriene takes us through a few stretches but it’s the extended Shavasana at the end that I didn’t realise I needed. Somehow Adriene always seems to know… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pJUKw4LwkXM

23 February 2015 MeGS

Even though I covered a new yoga pose, today’s practice was pretty chilled. And definitely a happiness boost! Like most good yoga teachers, Adriene has a way of catering to all yogi levels – whether you’re a beginning and expert or just super bendy. She also has a way of…

9 February 2015 MeGS

Monday morning. Urgh. But really, it’s not Monday’s fault. I decided to listen to my body this morning and instead of a spin, I tried the next yoga practice of Adriene’s challenge. I thought I would ease into the day, and relax with some yoga. But I was wrong. After…

3 February 2015 MeGS

Moving onto Da6 of the challenge, there wasn’t much yoga happening. Sure Adriene says she considers today’s practice, but speed it up a little and give it a soundtrack and I might as well be doing Pilates. Anyhoo… here’s the 15 minute practice: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tWPpdP4IhEY