10 March 2015 MeGS

If you had a rough start to the week, you can spend some time with your breath in today’s gentle yoga practice. Adriene takes us through a few stretches but it’s the extended Shavasana at the end that I didn’t realise I needed. Somehow Adriene always seems to know… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pJUKw4LwkXM

7 March 2015 MeGS

We’re moving deeper into our Warrior 2 practice today, with yoga stretches and breathing that strengthens the body. The slow transitions and deep breathes felt really good this morning. On a Saturday I usually call up a buddy and we hit the Sea Point Promenade for an easy 5km jog….

5 March 2015 MeGS

Moving into the home stretch of the 30 Days of Yoga challenge, today’s yoga practice is all about moving into your breath and deepening your practice. I love how Adriene’s videos all go deeper and deeper, pushing and strengthening you, making sure you don’t remain on the same level you…

3 March 2015 MeGS

Much like the Instagram #followyourheartfebruary yoga challenge last month, today we’re working on opening our heart. And getting stronger in our arms too (yay!). Today’s yoga practice is an easy, steady flow, working on your breath again but keeping all the poses controlled – not simply flopping into them. Enjoy!…